Target groups


The Padel Academy has a clear methodology and is at the forefront of padeltraining. Since 2016, a team of 10 trainers has been developing the technical, tactical and physical aspects of the sport on a daily basis to implement this in a daily training. Trainers and the number of students in this new emerging sport in the Netherlands is growing and everyone can play the game quickly, but to learn to play it well, that is a different story and a big job, but we can help you with that.

In the autumn of 2017, after a long period of research, the choice was made to stick to the Hello Padel methodology. Head Coach Mauri Andrini has weekly contact to discuss the progress of players, but also to discuss the trainers and training. 6 times a year the trainers get training from Mauri to make them stronger and more didactic. In addition to this special training method, all trainers are provided with various certificates from a number of renovated padelschools and the Dutch courses have also been followed and obtained by almost all trainers (Dutch Padel Association and KNLTB Padel). By continuing to invest in knowledge and expertise, we are convinced that the Padel Academy is the knowledge center for padeltraining for adults, children and wheelchairpadel.

Target groups

As said before, the sport is growing steadily and we receive requests everyday. From children and schools, business, groups of friends, housewives and more and more tennisplayers who also want to follow a training. Some people say that padel is a combination of tennis and squash, but those who have played it a few times, quickly realize that this is actually not true and padel is a stand-alone big and popular sport.

Padel Rebels

From the age of 4-17 years old you can join the Padel Rebels. The trainers follow training courses to teach and train the youth. They spend a lot of time on this and they know what to do. It also took a while in Spain. First, the moms and dads played and only since 2014 padel has started among the kids. Now it is impossible to imagine the daily street scene without kids playing padel. By following internships and courses periodically in Spain, we are ready for the kids! So don’t hesitate! Do you have a son or daughter who wants to give it a try? No point! But be warned, it is addictive!

Companies, organizations and associations 

Padel has grown enormously since the last 2 years. The demand from various agencies is also growing. Would you like to play padel with your company, personnel association, board of an association? Everything is possible. We are happy to provide a clinic that you won’t forget soon. Send a request via the contact page and we will contact you as soon as possible!