become a padelstar!

 We believe that everyone has what it takes to learn padel. Let’s all make padel even bigger in the Netherlands!


The very first Padel Academy in Holland is founded in 2015 and is grown to an organized, oiled machine which is busy with padel all the time. The combination of the Southern Spanish enthusiasm, our Western way of being down to earth and the technical approach of providing training is a challenging mix. It is already successful in different target groups. After a few years of searching, we can proudly say that we will be working together with Mauri Andrini & Hello Padel from the 1st of June 2019.

Mauri will get a prominent role in the organization and he will be in Holland more often to train the padelcoaches. Hello Padel stands for fun, dynamics and technical & tactical development. 

We are really enthusiastic about this exclusive collaboration that we have for at least 3 years. Together we want to bring padel to the next level in the north of Europe. 

Locations HPA

Indoor locations NL padel

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