become a padelstar!

 We believe that everyone has what it takes to learn padel. Let’s all make padel even bigger in the Netherlands!

Business padel

 At Hello Padel Academy Holland there are several options for business padel. This can of course be combined with tennis and a snack and a drink. View all options on this page.

Hello padel

 Hello Padel was founded by Mauri Andrini. He works with a different method for padel. After years of searching, we can proudly announce that from the 1st of June 2019, the Padel Academy will be permanently supported by Mauri Andrini and Hello Padel. 

Mauri will play a prominent role within the organization, be more frequent in the Netherlands and regularly train trainers completely and take them into his world of padel. 
Hello Padel stands for fun, dynamics and technical & tactical development. 
We are very enthusiastic about this exclusive collaboration for the coming 3 years. Together we will ensure that we can bring padel to the next level in Northern Europe.