Business partners – This is our indoorlocation in Rijswijk. 5 amazing indoor courts that are available all year long. Not only to play for fun, but also for padellessons. In addition to padel, the location also offers speed soccer, beach volleyball and beach tennis, as well as a gym and meeting room. – The partner in materials for padel. An unprecedented knowledge base and very professional webshop. If our home suppliers cannot supply or players need a different brand, 1 call to Scott from the Padelshop and you can consider it done. – This is the gem of the outdoor locations in the Netherlands. 3 panoramic courts where you can officially walk out. Located in the middle of a wooded area less than 5 minutes from La Playa. All 3 courses are equipped with a 360 intelligence camera system that you can record you during your training. Estate Padel Club is located at Tennispark Welgelegen with 19 beautiful artificial grass tennis courts.

MLTV’90 – This is our location in Westland. Since the end of 2019 Hello Padel Academy Holland arranges the padellessons on the 2 padelcourts at this location. Next to the the 2 padelcourts MLTV’90 also have 9 Canada Tenn tenniscourts. – The inventor and owner of Hello Padel is the Argentinian, Mauri Andrini. An imposing appearance that you can immediately recognize by his enthusiastic way of giving lessons. In addition to being a padelplayer in the World Padel Tour, one of the few Spanish players who speaks English, Mauri also comments on Spanish television at padel matches. In addition, he also has a huge arsenal to make trainers better. We have had the privilege of having Mauri on our trainer team since 2018. A true exclusivity and identity in Europe. – The ball supplier of the World Padel Tour and also the purveyor of the Padel Academy of clothing, footwear, pallas and balls. There is no other or better padel ball than the ones of HEAD at the moment and we are fortunately in very good cooperation with this beautiful Austrian brand, which plays a very big role in padel in Spain.

Bullpadel – A large and well-known Spanish supplier of various padelrackets. These rackets are for sale in the padelshop in La Playa.

Starvie – Starvie is one of the largest and most famous brand in padelracket and it has become a famous name for some padelplayers. Here you will find an extensive collection of padelrackets specially designed for beginners and experienced players.